CryptoHome offers a platform for buyers and sellers of properties to search, market, sell and convey deeded interest in real estate utilizing cryptocurrency.

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Based in the Tampa Bay market of Florida CryptoHome was developed to offer a platform to market, sell and convey deeded interest in real estate utilizing cryptocurrency.  Recognizing trends with blockchain technology and the accelerating rise in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies - CryptoHome was created.  There are a growing number of individuals globally who have amassed great wealth buying and/or trading cryptocurrency.  Given the inherent volatility of this asset class it is prudent to diversify crypto gains within the real estate industry.  With favorable state taxes and tropical climate, Florida is one of the top states for individuals to relocate or invest in.  Which is where comes in. 

Blockchain technology is being called “the internet of our day”, or “.com part 2”.  There is tremendous promise that this technology has the ability to fundamentally transform numerous industries.  Industries, like real estate, have numerous inefficiencies that could benefit from blockchain technology.  While there are currently a variety of promising blockchain based companies in the early formation stage they will be met with challenges within the highly regulated industries like real estate. has brought to market a comprehensive service offering (“CryptoToClose”) through the firm’s founding partners RE/MAX Action First and First Title Source, LLC, as well as other industry specific service professionals (legal, tax and the like).  Within the current regulatory framework of marketing, contracting and conveying deeded real estate from one individual to another, CryptoHome offers a service to utilize CryptoCurrency as the method of payment.  The CryptoToClose service provides a channel for the property owner and buyer to transfer fully insured, deeded real estate in Florida (other states coming soon).

Further, property owners or buyers now have the ability to hire a real estate professional that is trained and certified to represent homeowners who desire to utilize the CryptoToClose service offering.  These agents need to meet minimum standards and understanding of blockchain technology, regulations, cryptocurrenies, exchanges, marketing strategies and transactional representations.  The CryptoHome certification is exclusively extended to agents whom are licensed with RE/MAX Action First.  For a confidential meeting to understand how the CryptoHome marketing system can benefit you in selling a home or if you are a buyer who desires to utilize cryptocurrency contact us.

About Kenny Hayslett

Kenny Hayslett is the Broker and Owner of RE/MAX Action First and founder of  He has over 15 years of real estate experience and has been involved in over $1 Billion of real estate transactions.  Prior to real estate Kenny held a number of executive positions for both public and privately held companies in the health care, insurance and technology industries.  Most notably an early founder of an Atlanta based technology startup company that grew to a multimillion dollar public organization. 

In addition to overseeing the daily activities of an active real estate office, Kenny is the lead agent for The Hayslett Team.  A team of highly professional real estate agents whom represent the needs of buyers and sellers in the local market.  The Hayslett Team is consistently involved in over 100 transactions a year and have a number of record sales in both volume and unit sales.

About RE/MAX Action First

RE/MAX Action First has been servicing the needs of buyers, sellers and real estate agents since 1986.  The firm has offices strategically located throughout the Tampa Bay marketplace.   Real estate professional in the firm receive advanced professional development, cutting edge technology and global marketing tools to better assist their clients.  And, through the CryptoHome platform, RE/MAX Action First exclusively offers the CryptoToClose service and professional training.  RE/MAX is the number 1 brand in real estate and has always been a leader in sales and per agent production.

© RE/MAX Action First 2013, All Rights Reserved.