CryptoHome offers a platform for buyers and sellers of properties to search, market, sell and convey deeded interest in real estate utilizing cryptocurrency.

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With the increased awareness and acceptance of cryptocurrency worldwide, the demand of real estate purchases using crypto to buy a property is on the rise.  Hence today’s real estate professional needs to have a keen awareness of how cryptocurrency plays a role in the future of their profession.  If a buyer or seller of real estate desires to utilize cryptocurrency as a method of payment, they need to get appropriate guidance.

CryptoHome has developed a comprehensive curriculum where real estate professionals and brokers can earn the designation of “Certified CryptoCurrency Agent”.  This curriculum covers the history of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, alt coins, open ledger technology, and application for real estate, regulatory issues, taxation and other important components.  Real estate professionals who graduate from this course will have a strong understanding of blockchain technology and what is needed to know to market, contract and transfer deeded interest in real estate utilizing cryptocurrency.   This certification is there to help the agent assist their clients and navigate the complexities associated with real estate and cryptocurrency.  The designation sets the real estate professional apart from the thousands of other agents who would not possess the knowledge and tools to assist their clients.  It is important for consumers (i.e. buyer and sellers of real estate) to hire agents who have the CCCA designation.

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© RE/MAX Action First 2013, All Rights Reserved.